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DELUXE Dead Stop Brake Energizer Kit ©
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DELUXE Dead Stop Brake Energizer Kit ©

( FlatheadTed )

Expanding on the huge success of the Dead Stop Brake Energizer Kit, is proud to bring you the Deluxe Dead Stop Brake Energizer Kit.
This kit builds on the original Deadstop Brake Energizer Kit by adding a set of 4 Brake Shoe Centering Pins, a set of special Roller Pins and a new Thread Cleaner in addition to the original Deadstop Brake Energizer Kit. The Brake Shoe Centering Pins are used on the rear shoes to center the shoe in the brake drum which saves repair on the lower track. The special front rollers replace the stock items to give a smooth action and save from cotter pin interference while the Thread Cleaner is used to clean out rust and debris from the top adjuster hole to help simplify the fitting of the kit (5/16 Allen Wrench required).

With all of these items bundled with the original Flathead Ted Deadstop Brake Energizer Kit, it makes this kit the most comprehensive brake upgrade kit available for your Ford Flathead

This product is made to fit Models A, B, 1933, 1934, 1935 Ford's.
I have spent a year developing and fine tuning this brake device resulting in vast improvements in braking ability for the cars it has been fitted to. This product gives a true full floating 100% servo action, unlike other products on the market that will give you around 50%.

If you are thinking of converting to later hydraulic brakes or Lincoln backing plates on your Model A, Rat Rod or early V8, this is the product for you!
This product is more affordable than hydraulic brake conversions and is high quality with hardened components. You will be surprised how well these kits work!

Testing The Kit:

Recently we fitted a Brake Energizer Kit to a Ford Model A and tested the braking ability on a braking machine, both before and after the kit was installed.
The front brakes tested at 120 and 90 but after the kit was installed they both tested at 190.
The rear brakes both tested at under 200 but after the kit was installed they tested at 240.
An immediate improvement without any other changes!
Also non-hardened components were tested in a 1934 Ford for over a year to study wear patterns and at this stage there are no signs of wear at all.



The Model A being tested on the braking machine


Fitting The Kit:

All kits come with complete instructions on how to fit the kit. It is a simple process taking only 2 to 3 hours to fit and does not require any drilling, welding or cutting.
The components bolt onto the existing backing plate holes at the top adjuster and bottom anchor pin and eliminates the need to build up the lower track. The rear components fit onto the top adjuster.
If required, your brakes can be return to the standard components without any hassle.

The Kit includes a total of 14 components and fitting instructions.


Dead Stop Brake Energizer kit packaging

Dead Stop Brake Energizer kit contents

1934 Ford backing plate with kit fitted

1935 Ford backing plate with kit fitted

A bare Model A backing plate

Lower wedge and top adjuster fitted

Top adjuster wedge fitted

The rear side of the axle and plate

Model A backing plate with kit fitted

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Shipping for this item is $25.00 USD for one set and $20.00 USD for each additional set

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